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Design with Gaia Card Deck


We created the Design with Gaia card deck to help inspire new ways of seeing, being and imagining. You can signup to play with our free digital cards or buy a physical card deck.


There are two suits 

  • Invitations from the Web of Life - Sharing lessons from nature and the wider ecosystems surrounding us.

  • Invitations from Ancient Wisdom  - Sharing stories, rituals and mystic unknowns from our ancestors.

The cards are not designed to be didactic; they are purposely written to be open for interpretation and spark thoughts, feelings, ideas and conversations.  We invite you to play and explore different ways of using these cards to inspire your daily life, creative practice, team meetings and workshops.

The cards can be used for:

  • Inspiration 

  • Ice breaker 

  • Thinking differently 

  • Daily guidance 

  • A creative group session

  • Team empathy and building

  • Helping to build your connection with nature 

Already Signed Up


Design With Gaia
Card Deck

Are you looking to inspire an online meeting or workshop?


Play with our digital Design with Gaia card deck to inspire teams to think differently or help generate new ideas.

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